At LifeWell, we hope that you will always find a community of people who worship Jesus with all their hearts, both inside and outside of the church building. While worship is primarily a lifestyle for anyone following Jesus, we also believe that music plays a specific role in the gathered worship of the local church. 

Our prayer is that anyone who walks into one of our worship gatherings would be met wherever they are with the love of Christ—and we hope to accomplish this in part through music, fellowship, and times of prayer and meditation on Scripture. Each week, we walk through a rhythm of Gospel celebration, proclamation, and sending to invite people to draw near to the God who loves them. We also offer the free gift of mercy and grace to all, through the sacrifice of Jesus Christ on the cross.

Gathered musical worship is an interactive experience where: we as believers engage in relationship with the Lord, proclaim the hope that we have in Christ to the world, and build one another up by singing Biblical truths to one another. Therefore, we encourage you to participate as much as you feel comfortable, and we hope you feel welcomed and loved during your time with us.

Worship Team Vision:

Our desire is that the LifeWell Worship Team would be a community of servant-hearted worship leaders seeking to facilitate an atmosphere of genuine worship (in the context of corporate worship gatherings). They do this by: utilizing their musical giftedness, the Truth of the Gospel, intentional song choice and dynamics, varying creative modes of communing with God, and faithful following of Jesus Christ in order to be an example of praise and whole life worship.