Our Story

Our story starts with a giant leap of faith! 

The former church that resided in our facilities, Town and Country Christian Church (TCCC), had many ups and downs throughout its history. Wanting to be healthy again, they sought leadership and counsel from a ministry organization they were familiar with called Ignite Church Planting. After months of prayer, observation and planning, Ignite Church Planting developed a bold strategy. They chose to close the church, find a new lead pastor, and relaunch with a new church.  Through sacrifice and incredible faith, TCCC voted to relaunch.  

On December 31, 2017, TCCC had a legacy service to celebrate everything God had accomplished in its history. In closing the service they introduced the new church planter Danny Cox and closed the doors of TCCC officially.  

During the next 10 months the launch team partnered with Ignite Church Planting and The Solomon Foundation to renovate the facilities, hire talented staff members, and come up with a direction they felt God was leading them as a new church.  That direction became…. LifeWell; a christian church. 

They wanted to create a church where our city would find a “Christ-centered community of love, truth, and life lived in abundance.”  Unlike the messages of the world, we realize that a life of abundance/ a life lived to the full, could only be found in relationship with Jesus Christ.  This is our mission. That you would find your best life now in relationship with Jesus through love, truth, and life lived in abundance through Him. 

As a church, LifeWell “soft launched” July 2018.  During that time, we started worshipping, growing our launch team, training volunteer leaders, completed our renovations, and planned for the Grand Opening, October 21, 2018 

As a brand new church we do not have much of a story.  However, our story thus far has been defined by sacrifice, dedication, hard-work, and faith.  We hope you become part of the story God has just begun!